Workout summaries....

Wednesday's Workout:
Spin - 45 minutes
11.3 miles
623 calories

Spin on Wednesday night was wonderful. I was able to put on 2.3 more miles than the first night! Talk about progress! What an awesome workout! My glutes and inner thighs were a little tender the next day!

Friday's Workout:
Run 1 mile
Stairstepper 21 minutes
485 calories

Didn't have too much time for a workout today, but was able to do a quick 1 mile warmup with my sister and then chose to do the stairstepper for a while. I didn't want to make my leg hurt, so I kept it to 1 mile!


Unknown said...

Are you ready for tommorow's football game with the Gophers?

Awesome work-outs!

Anonymous said...

i sound like a broken record, but i'd love to try a spinning class! sounds like a good workout, congrats on your progress with it!