If there is anything I have learned in my last 6 months of running it was that you have to be flexible. But sometimes that is hard for one to overcome. I can be flexible. I don't usually have a problem with it. My job requires me to be flexible. It was probably one of the first things I learned as an undergraduate working towards my degree in elementary education. You have to be flexible.

Now, with running.... one needs to be flexible as well.

One might ask, "what is her point of this rambling post?"

My point is that today was yet another day that reminded me how I need to be flexible with my schedule. Especially with the chaos that I am engulfed in.

Last night I chose to do this darn 40 minute sculpting video (which felt so good) that worked almost every muscle in the body. That's fine. Today I chose to wear high healed boots instead of my flat shoes. That's fine. Today it was slipperier than hell on campus(due to the heavy snow fall). Fine. But, when you put all three together.... let's just say it was the cause for a little extra soreness!


I was hoping to get in a nice 3 mile run tonight, and then Spin tomorrow, but I could barely walk without feeling the soreness! And, I want to be able to workout tomorrow between school and class. So.. .. .. I took a free pass .. .... a REST day.

Yes folks, this girl took a REST day and I am okay with that. I think... ..

Now that changes things up a bit, so I hope to get in a few miles tomorrow afternoon, a few on thursday and then another REST/STRETCH day on friday.... we'll see.

Ahh...the flexibility... ... . . . isn't it wonderful?!


Unknown said...

Flexibility is good...and so relaxing.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you do need a rest day after all the soreness so take one and enjoy it :o)

Jess said...

Rest is just as important as exercise. And it's hard trying to fit running into a busy schedule; every week I have to find new ways to motivate myself to get out there and get it done.

A said...

When I get really busy, the only thing that ever truly worked for me was running in the morning, which is difficult because those are the times I want to sleep in the most!

Lance Notstrong said...

My schedule ALWAYS changes. Just go with the flow :-)