5K Alumni Race

I had a couple requests to add further comments in regard to the 5K Alumni Race I participated in on Saturday.... so here goes.

The whole family, including my sister's fiance woke up early saturday morning and were to the Wellness Center before 7:30am. I had pre-registered my parents and I, and my sister's fiance. Thinking it would make things easier to "sign-in". Not really. They didn't have it as well organized as one would like. And, even though we were pre-registered, we did had to fill out a form in order to receive our t-shirts.

The race started a little after 8am...after a few minutes of stretching with the wife of UND's president. Wahoo.

Mom, Dad, BW and I were planned to run while my two sisters decided to do some mad walking. Us runners started running at the sound of the shot-gun and BW was out of sight before I could even find him. Dad was quite the speed runner as well. Mom and I stuck together and did some nice chit chatting. The race started along the bike trail behind the Wellness Center, going south through campus, mostly following the coulee. It went back behind some of the older building and then north again by the library and along the soccer fields. It was a gorgeous day for a run. I think it was about 60 degrees with a nice crisp breeze. Wonderful...just wonderful! Sometimes you never know what the weather is going to be like this time of year in ND, but we couldn't have asked for better weather.

Here is the wonderful shirt!



I don't think I have ever had a UND homecoming shirt...Huh. Sorry no pics from the actual race. It was an early morning and my thinker wasn't on!

Happy runnings, y'all!


Unknown said...

Awesome job at the race.

Jess said...

Cute t-shirt.

Jenny said...

Sounds like a fun race - how great for your whole family to be out there running it :-) I wish mine were as healthy!