Weekend Overview


  • Twins lost their third game. All done.
  • Parents rolled into town and we relaxed with other family in town.
  • Got up eary for the 5K Alumni Race. This was fun. We got a cute 2006 Homecoming shirt that said "GET YOUR GREEN ON" on the front! The race went well. It started at the Wellness Center and wen through Campus!
  • Did some necessary shopping with Mom and my sisters!
  • SIOUX won their homecoming game against Mankato! Sorry, Ragsdales!
  • Went to the hockey game with sis, sis' fiance, and Dad.... I think we enjoyed every minute of it!
  • Woke up early to go to work.... yuck.
  • Got home just in time to see the 'rents head home.
  • Did some homework and laundry
  • .... and ran 2.25 miles! We ran 2 miles and then sis made me sprint.... now my shin is feeling it...icky.
Happy runnings, y'all! Have a wonderful week!


Anonymous said...

What an eventful weekend.
Sorry about the Twins.

Anonymous said...

I think we need more details about the 5K, well at least a little bit more than dismissing it as if it was nothing!

Jenny said...

Wow busy weekend! I second the vote for more details on the race :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Post those, running in shorts and pony tail pics of your 5K, Teacher! :)
Going to wilds game this week, should be fun! Go wild!