Today's workout

My workout today was not so successful. I went to the gym shortly after I got out of class with the full intention of doing a few miles; maybe four if all went well. Let's just say all didn't go well. I got on the thrillmill and instantly my knees were in pain. Usually that pain subsides once I get my stride down, but that wasn't the case today. So I switched to the eliptical machine, hoping something with a little less impact would be better. I was only able to get a little over a mile in on that before I was bored. I then got back on the thrillmill hoping that I "warmed" up my legs enough to run. That was not the case. I only got a mile in and even though my knees were feeling better, I just had to stop. My shin was bothering me again. I can only think of a few possible reasons why my run didn't go as I would have liked.

  • One, I pushed myself too hard on Sunday, the day after a race.
  • Two, my shoes have reached the point where they just aren't going to work, and need to be replaced soon.
  • Or three, I just didn't have it in me today.
I don't know which one it was exactly, and it could have been all three. Right now, there are a few things I need to take care of before I get back out there; have my shoes checked out and possibly replaced, rest, and ...... listen to my body.


Lance Notstrong said...

Hmmmmm, yeah, don't run with worn our shoe, you can hurt yourself.

Unknown said...

Hang in there. Shoe shopping is a coming. :)

Jenny said...

Oh dear, that sounds painfully familiar :-) Take it easy and check those shoes!