UPDATE: More changes have been made.... I have moved to another site. This site will be deleted in a couple weeks... Come join me!

So I made some changes to this site... and am working on making more. I would almost like to put on a personalized header... but do not have the capability of doing so... I don't know how! hehehe. So if anyone knows anyone that can... send that info my way!

I was planning on doing my long run this morning, but, when I woke up shortly after 8am and checked the weather, I knew it just wasn't going to happen. It wasn't hot, but it was humid! So humid. Plus, the air was dead. There was so much moisture and fog in the air that I could barely see across the yard! Craziness.

I went out for a run anyway... I ... was... dying. I was a sweatin' machine!

Distance: 3.42 miles run
Duration: 41:36
Avg Pace: 12:09
Avg HR: 170
Max HR: 184
Temp: 66-71 degrees
Humidity: 100% OUCH!



I plan on making some changes to this site...

I am sick of the black...

Just wanted to let all that follow this blog that it may look different...

....so don't get too worried!

Quick & short

I wasn't feelin' the run today. I had planned atleast a few miles. But, when I got up and saw the clouds in the sky, I knew I didn't want to venture out in that. Then my sis got up and went out for her walk and I knew I had to do it! I am supposed to be a role-model, right?

So, I saddled up and headed out. Sure enough it was sprinkling before I even left the driveway. I almost turned around deciding to bag the run. It wasn't the rain, necessarily, that I was afraid of. I could handle a few sprinkles or getting a bit wet. It was the thought of lightening. Like I said before, our neighbor's yard got struck by lightning a week ago.... just out of the blue. It wasn't even raining then!

So, I hauled a** and pushed myself hard for what I was hoping was atleast a mile. Done. Tomorrow I hope to conquer another long run. Last week, I did my long run wednesday, but I am pushing it up this week (I think), since I won't be able to run saturday and sunday. Yippee!

These rainy days make me want to bake. ... .. hmm.

Distance: 1.47 miles
Duration: 14:37
Temp: 70 degrees
Humidity: 81% (eeks)
Avg Pace: 9:56 (wahoo!)
Avg HR: 173
Max HR: 180

I saw on Marcy's blog the Cadaver Calculator... where you figure out how much your body is worth. ... and just had to give it a try. $3,555. That's it! Kind of disappointing. I am sure it has to do with the amount of soda I drink, my height (or lack there of), and the amount of ibuprofen I take. )

P.S. Is anyone else not able to get to javamom's blog? Or is that just me?


It's been a while....

Okay. So, I have been without internet access for about a week. Yikes. Umm, monday night our neighbor's yard was struck by lightning and it killed our computer at home. Not cool. I attempted to fix it by replacing the power source in the tower, but that didn't work. So, as of yesterday we have replaced that computer and I have been attempting to get this router working. Not having much luck. But, I do have internet access directly through the modem.

So, I am sure all have been wondering what I have been up to with my time away from the computer....

Tuesday.... REST day.

Wednesday ..... LONGER run.
Distance: 6.05 miles
Duration: 1:16:00
Temp: 67 degrees
Humidity: 51%
Avg Pace: 12:33
Avg HR: 171
Max HR: 185
.....my right knee hurt a bit through the first mile and a half or so. I was contemplating turning around and doing only a couple miles. But, shortly after that, I got into my groove and it felt fine. I felt like a robot. Ran about 6-8 minutes and walked a minute between each. I probably could have gone further, but the loop I did got me 6 miles by the time I got home and I wasn't feelin' like going much further. The only thing that felt the slightest bit sore were my groin muscles...

Thursday... short easy run
Distance: 3.05 miles
Duration: 37:30
Temp: 65 degrees
Humidity: 68%
Avg Pace: 12:17
Avg HR: 168
Max HR: 180
.....Felt good. Did more than I thought I was going to be able to do after my "longer" run. Ran 7/ Walk1. Completed this 3 mile loop faster than on Monday.

Friday... REST day.
....went to the PBR challenge this evening. It was a blast!

Saturday.... went for a nice ride with the bike...
Distance: 12. 83 miles
Duration: 59:23
Temp: 72 degrees
Humidity: 71%
Avg Pace: 4.37
Avg HR: 149
Max HR: 170
... it was perfect for a ride... except the paths were full of walkers, runners, and cyclists... I had to slow down so often it was rediculous...

Today might have to be another rest day. I went out last night with a few friends. Let's just say it has been a while....

Happy Running, y'all!


To Whom This May Concern

Dear Legs:

I have been fighting with you on and off for the past year. As soon as I get into a routine with running, you tend to take over my life and put a hault to my training. I have learned to rest, stretch, ice, and use ibuprofen, more often. I have been taking my women's multi-vitamin and Omega-3 pills daily. I have been consuming a protein shake after every run, and I am working on having one once a day. During the day, I am attempting to drink 80-100 ounces of water, even though it can become quite difficult. I don't know what it is that I am doing wrong to make you, make me, feel miserable on my runs lately.

So despite how you have made me feel, I got up this morning and had a different game in mind. I ate my multi-grain cheerios, drank some water, and stretched a bit to warm up my muscles. Then, I went out for that run. I had made a mental note that this was going to be a good run, even if it had to be slow. I told myself I was goign to run5/walk1. And that is what I did. I attempted to keep my heart rate down, but found that difficult with the hot sun and discomforting humidity. But, I did it. And darnit, it felt wonderful!

For your information, I am not going to let you win this one. Not just yet. And if you haven't noticed, some races are coming up. Some small ones. And some big ones. You are not going to hold me back. Like I said, I have been running for a year+ now and I am ready to train for these raices. Bring it on! Because we all know that I am going to win this fight!


Ms. S

Time: 10:15 am
Temp: 74 degrees
Humidity: 51% (UV index 5)
Distance: 3.05 miles
Duration: 38:07
Type: R5/W1
Avg Pace: 12:29
Avg HR: 170
Max HR: 180


My Favorite Pass Time

Yesterday I was on the road by 6:30am with Dad... on our way to look at apartments for me. After looking at two, I made my decision and went with the first one. It is only a 1 bedroom, but I look forward to having my own washer and dryer, as well as a dishwasher. Something I have never had in an apartment before! I also took advantage of being there by heading over to HR to take care of my contract and go over my salary and possible benefits. Ahh... the real world.

Today I went out for a nice run, but the sun was extremely hot (70 degrees with almost 80% humidity), and my body felt sluggish and dehydrated. I didn't have the drive to push myself, and I didn't want to increase the soreness/stiffness in my calf. So, all in all, I did 3.42 miles, but I am not logging the time... as it was pathetic!

I finished my book last night.

And, I look forward to starting my next one today.

It's been a LONG time since I have been able to enjoy reading... for pleasure. If any one is looking for good, easy reading ... check out Nicholas Sparks' books. I love his stories. He also has a book out there ther him and his brother wrote together... "Me and My Brother".

On a last note, I have these nasty red dots all over my right leg and I can't figure it out. I knew one of them (the really large one), was there from the 4th of July, but I woke up the next morning with 9 little ones... all in one area. Just nasty. They don't really itch, except for the large one on the back of my calf. It looks like something attacked me! Any doctor in the house?

Happy Running, y'all!


Conquering Fears

*****UPDATE: Pictures added****
Yesterday we spent Independence Day at my sister's-husband's-mom's house. Did you catch all that? We spent most of the afternoon and evening along the river. Blaine put the jet ski in the river and after giving all the little ones rides, my sister took me for a ride.

I love water. Don't get me wrong. I could live in the water. But, there is just something about being on the back of a jet ski ... not in control of the speed...... practically flying across the water! I was scared livid. But, after hitting a wave so hard that we were both drenched, we went back to the sandbar and she had me drive. Now that was much better! Until she wrapped her hand around mine, holding the gas down completely.... going faster and faster. Talk about conquering a fear I didn't know I had. (The picture on the left was the third time I went... my mom's first)

me & my baby sis

.... the 'rents... chill-axin.

This morning, feeling a little wiped from too much sun yesterday, I crawled out of bed around 8am for my longer run. Since it wasn't so successful saturday, I had to try today. It was very nice out and the only problem I faced was a need for water halfway through. I was sooo dang thirsty! All and all... it went.

Time: 8:30am
Temp: 74 degrees
Humidity: 55%
Distance: 5.13 miles
Duration: 1:02:23
Avg Pace: 12:09
Avg HR: 172
Max HR: 183

Tomorrow will be a rest day. My Dad and I are getting up early to go look for a place for me to live! Fun times!

Happy running, y'all!

...Picture of the State Capitol


Cool Your Jets

It's been a couple days since my last post. It's also been a couple days since I last ran. I was a little disappointed with my run saturday morning, and new I needed the rest sunday. A run on monday was just not in the cards. I was busy with another engagement. As you can tell in the photo, my run the morning was hot... and sweaty. I went out afraid that I was going to have to cut it short as the clouds looked might dark, but halfway through, the sun started to peek through those heavy clouds, making it even warmer. I am not one that would sweat much on a 3 miler, but I do tend to get quite red. When I got back from this run, I couldn't figure out how to cool down.

Time: 10:30am
Temp: 67 degrees & cloudy
Humidity: 87%
Dewpoint: 63%
Wind: From WSW at 6mph
Distance: 3.04 miles
Duration: 36:26
Avg Pace: 11:59 (sub-12!)
Avg HR: 172
Max HR: 182

Yesterday was a day spent with my 8-year-old God-daughter. I told her once I moved back home that I would take her to a movie. We spent most of the morning playing the Wii system, and then went to lunch at her favorite place, then to the movie. Shrek the III. It was pretty good. I was humored. There was some adult humor in there.

After that, I took her back home and went with her family and some other relatives to watch her first softball game! It was so much fun. I was lucky enought catch a couple other cousin's baseball games.

What a great eveing to be sitting at the diamonds... and did I mention how good the "taco in a bag" was?