Upcoming races

Knowing me and my personality, I am not one to do things once and then go on with my life. No. Not now. Even though I have a race this weekend which I am TOTALLY excited for, and I am already thinking of my next race.

I don't want to wait until the 5K Turkey Trot the day of Thanksgiving.

With that note, I came across a few shorter races that take place before Thanksgiving.


I need to keep them short, just becuase I know I won't have ALL the time in the world to devote to training and long runs and so forth.

So, this is what I came across.

  • 2.62 mile "Bridge Bash" (9/23/06) - this is a run that if I participate I will be able to take part in the 1/2 or full marathon at a discount price next May...
  • Tour de Forks! - I heard this on the radio, but didn't catch the day. I could do the 5K or 10K.
  • 8K Veterans Day Cross Country Race - I would love to participate in this, but I am worried about the fact that they say it is for runners not walkers and the course closes when the last runner completes... am I the only one that finds that weird? Maybe I am just reading into it wrong...it is late

Those of you readers out there (that I know personally) are more than welcome to join me! I would love it! I really want to do the first two for sure! And I think the Veterans day Race would be interesting. It starts after a memorial service.

Anyway ... this girl must be heading to bed! It's been a long day!

Happy runnings, y'all!


Simlin said...

All those races sound exciting!

Unknown said...

Adding race are really good. It's keeps the thrill of racing on and on.

Neese said...

"Tour De Forks" for sure based on the name alone!

Jess said...

Does everyone run a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving? The world must be full of guilty turkey eaters.