Odds and Ends

At the near end of my long run Sunday, I came across a path.

Yes. A path .... in this town.

Truth be told, I was looking over at a new "building" that was just finished and noticed a water fountain...perfect! ( I think the building has to do with the water system) I had gone 5 miles already and was dying of thirst!

Once I was there I noticed this ASPHALT path, heading UP a hill.

Okay, so it wasn't a hill .... It was a dike. A new dike that was built after the flood of '97.

Anyway. I ran up it ( yes, there was an incline) and noticed once I got to the top that there was this hidden path behind the dike.

I couldn't believe it!

So, yesterday, when Sis asked me if I wanted to go rollerblading, I knew just where to go. It was a mile to the path, then we went as far north as we could, turned around and went south to the end of it and back. With all that, we came to 7.3 miles! Who knew!

So tonight after class, I decided to venture out on my bike and hit up that path. I felt I needed to get out and do something, plus I thought it would help my knee. A little cross training with little impact...hoping to strengthen it. Nope, still sore. I am going to blame it on the rollerblading. Darnit. I just hope this pain goes away before Saturday. But, I did get in 5.84 miles on the bike before sundown!

What a beautiful night. Sunset to the west, and a HUGE moon to the east. Absolutely Gorgeous!

I thought to myself...September might be my favorite month of the year.... in regards to the weather. Warm during the day, nice and cool at night.


But, I must admit...being a true North Dakotan, deap-down-inside I look forward to the change in seasons....

What the heck is going on with the Twins? They lose a game to the Yankees...big. They win a game against the Yankees...somewhat big.... and then they lose a game to the Yankees....very big..again.

Then, I wake up Monday morning, turn the Today Show on, and find out that Bert (a Twins announcer) got suspended for a couple games due to using profanity when he thought his mic was off... plus, they were possibly going to fine the team as well.

Now, tonight agains the Devil Rays, Cuddyer hit a homerun and was not given credit for it!!!! Some kid in the second row caught it, dropped it back into the field and they played it. The Umpire didn't count it as a homerun, Coach Gardenhire was "talking" with the Ump and was then kicked out of the game! GOOD GRIEF! What is going on! Atleast tonight was an 8-0 shutout! Wahoo!


The Stretch Doc said...

Hey at least you dont have to deal with the Astros dropping games with 6+ run lead in the 8th or 9th innings!
Weather sounds great in ND, wish it was like that here.
PS. hope the knee feels better.

Unknown said...

Anytime you drop the F-bomb on TV you get in HUGE trouble. They won TWO games in a row against the Devil Rays. Awesome!

Simlin said...

weather is fine here too! though there was a breif shower to cool me off at the end of my run today :)

Jess said...

A new path! Isn't it fun discovering new, unexplored territory?