Annual Potato Bowl

This weekend is Potato Bowl weekend at UND! It's a big deal around here. With it being harvest season and the temperatures dropping to 65 degrees, the farmers have been out "pulling" potatoes just in time for the festivities! And man are there potatoes around here.

Thursday night was our anual "French Fry Feed" and once again records were broken. The feed was put on by the local potato plant for free. There were 4,620 pounds of fries consumed and about 162 gallons of katsup! Craziness! I chose not to clog up the arteries this year!

Today is our first home football game against Winona State and we are going to kick some butts! But...this girl won't be going. Just got too much stuff to do!

Oh and P.S....the weather is crappy here! Typical ND football weather I guess! We have this nasty cold front coming through which brought tons of rain this morning and highs in the 40's for the next few days! Brrrr! And I think there is snow in the forcast for parts of the state tomorrow! Yeeks! So, I didn't get to run this morning, and I don't know if the Tour de Forks will be happening for this girl tomorrow! We'll see!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun and what will power - no fries!

cdoc said...

Oh, I remember that smell, of all that greasy-goodness! Bdoc told me that it was snowing in Helena today and actually staying on the ground, I am sure that is coming ND's way! We have had unusually cool temps, but today and the next couple days are supposed to be unusually warm, in the 80's. Enjoy your 40's, I am actually looking forward to those cool temps!

Unknown said...

Hang in there. This is an awesome time of the year 'cept the darn rain! I hope to get my 9 miles in OUTSIDE - worst case is getting them on the treadmill.