I Did it, and it felt great!

Woke up this morning. Changed clothes and put on my running shoes...and out the door I was! No music, no garmin, no monitor...just the sound of my shoes hitting the pavement! Ahhh...what a wonderful feeling! Almost like finding a long lost love! What a way to start the day. I only ran a couple of miles, but I got out there, and I did it and it felt great!

Now, I am just doing some homework, watching a little golf, and waiting for my delicious Lasagna to be finished! I figured I would make a good pan of home-made lasagna to take for lunches this week. I am sick of peanut butter sandwiches, yogurt, and apple. I need some substance man!

I will be spending the rest of the afternoon doing homework. From there I plan to head over to my aunt's house for dinner. We are having a "going away" dinner for my cousin's fiance. He will be heading to the middle east again and will be gone for a few months...I believe.

Happy runnings, y'all!!

Go Vikes....go Twins!


The Running Red Sox Fan said...

Good for you, there's nothing like a great run!
I have been running without my i-pod and I think I kind of like it! It has helped me get my breathing in check.
Please thank your cousin's fiance for me (a former soldier myself) for protecting our country.


Neese said...

ok i think you need to move to my neighborhood so we can run together and i can eat your lasagna! :)) that sounds SO perfect on these cool fall days!

Jess said...

Good job on getting up. That's a great feeling!

Jess said...

I think you might have inspired me to go on a run sans gadets soon. No watch, no iPod. It's weird how a run can feel so different without all the stuff.

Lance Notstrong said...

You need food with "substance"? I always tell my friend that I need "man food" :-)

Brooke said...

Your my hero. If I don't have my iPod I suddenly feel all sorts of twinges, aches and pains.

Anonymous said...

Yay! go Twins, I love lasagna!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the little ribbing about Sunday's jinx.

Way to go and getting your running done.