I don't know how many of you make lists, but this girl does and has been doing so in an excessive amount lately. I have come to the conclusion that it is a form of sanity and procrastination. It's not just that I am overwhelmed with the numerous things I need to get done, it's this fear that I am going to forget to do them.

Like I said, it is a form of procrastination. I need to get something done, but before I do anything, I need to make sure I know what I have to do and what needs to be done first. I make lists in between working with students. I make lists during class. I make lists while reading my texts in bed. I make lists while eating lunch in the lounge. I make lists about what I need to do for class, for school, errands, etc. I am starting to find lists in every binder, in my desk at school in multiple drawers or folders, in my purse (God they're all over in there).... I am surprised I haven't put on my list *Take a shower* or *Pack a lunch*.

Blogging is another form of procrastination. Which, I only allow myself to do occassionally now, as a bribe for getting my work done. (for example: I typed up 1 of my 3 abstracts tonight that are due thursday which allowed my to post on my blog) I feel like I am doing an Behavior Plan on myself...

Here is what my current LIST looks like. I capitalized the word "list" becuase it is THE .. LIST!
  • Type three abstracts
  • start action plan
  • Go for a run
  • Read Beautiful Mind
  • Do conceptual approaches interventions
  • Study guide for Chapters 1-3 for WJIII
  • when it isn't too cold and dark...RUN
  • Read Articles
  • Find more abstracts for research project
  • Phone a friend :)
  • Chart students' progress
  • Learn more Spanish...I have a lot of spanish speaking students (yes, in ND)
  • Wash the damn dishes!
  • Fall asleep watching Sports Center...since you miss most games
  • Talk to my roommate (sis) ... in person
  • Do part 1 and 2 of Assessment Case Study Project
  • Find my sanity
  • Go for a run?!
  • Update students' grades
  • Start thinking about all the RT projects I need to do while in the classroom....headache..
  • Ask myself why I have the sniffles...
  • Be to bed by 1130 at the latest....I think.

Now, I am not posting for simpathy.... That's what I call my parents for!


.....I am just wondering how many of you out there are list writers!

....my time is up. I must be getting back to typing my papers...and day-dreaming about our new gym opening in 6 days! It's HUGE! Once I get the chance, I will take a photo and share...

Happy runnings, y'all! Run a few miles for me! :)


Anonymous said...

I make lists when I don't know where to start...always start with a list.

My bosses philosphies:

A failure to Plan is a Plan to fail.

To assume makes an ASS out of U and ME

Hours x Rate = Happiness

Jess said...

i make lists like it's my job. mainly because I'm afraid I'm going to forget every important thing I need to do if I don't. And it's not like I write it down once. I tend to have the same stuff on like five different lists. Maybe we need a 12 step program or something to get us away from our list addictions!

Jess said...

I am very much a list girl: I feel very satisfied being able to check off things that have been accomplished. Therefore, my daily planner is full of lists, plus sticky notes with lists, and a calendar on the wall with lists. Hmmm, neurotic much?

cdoc said...

Funny that you should ask that, I have my list sitting right next to me at the moment, while I am procrastinating. I need to get these things on the list done before I leave to get my parents from the airport in 2 hours. And as for calling a friend, I don't know if you have a person in mind, but you can call me anytime on my cell because when my parents are here, I won't be at the house much, so you can probably get through to me. And you can call the house phone, since the bosses are gone, I don't have to worry about being on the phone when they are getting their business calls. I will email you the number! Good luck with your lists... and you have always been a list girl, it is part of your personality!

Neese said...

i used to make lists, lately i feel like is should start up again!

Unknown said...

I have to make lists especially with getting job applications out and getting homework done. It's usually not in writing, but in my head to remind me.

Anonymous said...

I'm a list maker well actually I used to be but I never got to the bottom of my lists so I gave up.

Lance Notstrong said...

I live by the "list" and the calendar on the fridge. I keep just one "master list" though, not alot of little ones.

Brooke said...

I am a lister too. Otherwise I would forget to do everything. I love how your list had go for a run 3 times.