I Wanna Run!

I got out of class tonight at 9:45. That is early considering we are usually there until 10:00. But, before that, I was to school this morning by 7:40 and didn't get home until 4:45. Craziness. I was hoping to get home by 4:00 to take a nice jog before class tonight. Nope. I forgot I had a Middle school meeting to attend, and then there just wasn't enough time. Now, I just got out of class and even though my eyes burn and I am somewhat mentally drained....i am itchin'. Yes...itchin' to run! God I would so love to go out for a run RIGHT NOW! I ran monday and it was a wonderful feeling. I haven't had a 1 hour free time in the last 24 hours to do any running and my body is CRAVING it! If I wasn't such a chicken, I would just go out and do it, but I won't. It is dark. It is scary. Tomorrow, I go and go until 7pm, maybe 6:30 if we're lucky...and from there, I think I am going to go for a nice LONG run! (That is if volleyball happens before I get out of class, otherwise, I will be hittin' the sand!) I have until 7:43...sunset! I best be getting some studying done tonight before I hit the hay!

Happy Runnings, y'all! (4 Days until the Tour de Forks!)


Simlin said...

Sounds like you need a treadmill. When does the Gym open again?

Unknown said...

I second that you need a treadmill. It will be your only way to get a run in.

Taunya said...

You live a busy life!! Enjoy your long run! Damn the Fall & Winter...Can't wait for Spring already.