New tunes

Okay runners, and non-runners...I need your help!

I am getting sick of the tunes I have on my Nano. Most of them have been overplayed on the radio and I need something new or different! I love all kinds of music, as long as it is upbeat for running. I will take any suggestions! I just need something different!

On another note...I just completed my last long run before my race saturday. Oh was it painful. Not really painful, but just hard to get through. I don't know what the deal was. I guess I just wasn't there....hmm.. It will be interesting to see how this trail race goes on saturday!

Happy running, y'all! I look forward do getting a lot of good suggestions for music!


Jess said...

my roommate is a really big fan of country music...and i never liked it until she played some of the more upbeat less twangy stuff....and i've found it's great to run too...the rascal flatts have a lot of fun stuff and so does kenny chesney....so if you're not completely opposed to country music you might want to give that a try

Simlin said...

Most of the stuff I listen to is Australian, how about you give us a short run down of your favourite music so we can put you onto similar stuff.

Unknown said...

How about some tunes in EspaƱol? My music tase varies from Shakira, to Tom Petty, to Jimmy Buffet, to Mercy Me, to Eminem.

Nice job on the grades. Do you really just get A's or B's, etc...? No 4.0, 3.9, 3.8, 3.5, etc.... We get graded by the decimal.

Unknown said...

I have started to slow at some Black Eyed Peas and C & C Music Factory (a CLASSIC!). I have a lot of 80's stuff on my iPod. It's all upbeat and sounds awesome.

Neese said...

i'm kinda new at putting music on my ipod, but here's what i have so far: http://www.runwithneese.com/rwn_tunes.html

Junie B said...

i am with firefly...the 80's music is great to run to.

I love Eminem, Black Eye Peas, Shakira..

I just loaded the following for a change: SOS (Rhianna); SexyBack (J Timberlake); London Bridge (Fergie); Deja Vu (Beyonce)

Kelly Clarkson is great as well.

Get some Madonna and old school Janet Jackson on there too!

cdoc said...

I would recommend any song from the "Step Up" soundtrack. I can't listen to it without wanting to get up and move.

Donald said...

If you're looking for up-tempo, try Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, or Yellowcard. That's how I roll.

Caylynn said...

I have songs from all of the following on my MP3 player:
- The Killers
- The Tragically Hip
- Madonna
- The Guess Who
- Jet
- The Beatles
- Shania Twain
- Aerosmith
- Led Zeppelin
- Eric Clapton
- Janet Jackson
- soulDecision
- Bryan Adams
- Great Big Sea

Caylynn said...
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Jess said...

I listen to a wide variety, but almost all rock. Giving suggestions is hard unless we know what you like.

Anne said...

Last week I posted my latest playlist that includes warmup songs, keep at it songs and cool down numbers. I don't know what you've had on your Nano to know what to recommend, but most of mine haven't been played to death...at least not out here in San Diego.