Look at this $20 million dollar fitness center!! 107,000 square feet of Wellness and Fitness! I am so excited I went back to school! Now I actually get the chance to use this Student Wellness Center I was paying for when I was getting my undergraduate degree!

I headed there after class tonight at about 7ish. It looked awesome from the outside, I could only imaged what it looked like on the inside! I got in there, and I am sure my jaw was hitting the floor. If you saw our old fitness center, you would have had the same expression as me!

Some stats:

  • 15,000 square-foot weight and cardio floor, which includes 109 weight machines and 57 cardio machines
  • 200-meter running track, with windows along most of the perimeter to give runners the sense of being outside
  • In the center's Spin Studio, exercisers can bike along to projected images of scenic parks on a large screen. If nature isn't exciting enough, the studio also has a disco ball, strobe lights and a smoke machine for a club-like feel.
  • The center also has three full basketball courts and a multi-purpose activity court for roller hockey and indoor soccer.

So, I took the thrillmill for a ride! At about mile 2 I spilled my water all over the belt of the thrillmill and chose to switch to another machine....I didn't want to kill myself! From there I finished my third mile and was outa there! What a great feeling - to be running again! In a week in a half I plan to run a 5K with my parents for Homecoming weekend! It should be pretty fun!

Oh, and I can't forget to mention how proud I am of my TWINS!!! They have made it to the playoffs! Now, if they can just beat KC tonight! I will be thrilled!

Happy runnings, y'all! (I can say that now that I am back on the horse again!!!)


Anonymous said...

The wellness center sounds great! better than the dank dives they have around here.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an amazing place! I'm so jealous. The same thing happened at my school, built a fantastic fitness center after I had left, but unlike you I never went back and got to use it. Oh well. It's great that you get the chance to reap the benefits of yours!

Anonymous said...

Rockon Teacher! Great Fitness center! Go twins, wohoo! Cannot wait for my WILD games!

Neese said...

that's fantastic to have that at your convenience...happy run to you glad you got a few miles in!

Unknown said...

Go Twins! We need to send some mojo NOW! Toronto is helping us out too with Detroit. PLLLLUH-LEEZE!

Awesome fitness center - better than ours....drooool!

Jenny said...

I'm sooo jealous! Sounds like an amazing place to work out - I love the disco ball, strobe lights and smoke machine in the studio - that sounds like fun!