Post Run Results

Today was my 10K Medora Badlands Trail Run. When I started to train this summer, I was initially training for a half marathon for this same day. With summer school consuming most of my time, and weekend events, I had a hard time getting my long runs accomplished.
A month and a half ago, my Dad and I decided instead of running the half marathon, we would just cut back and train for this 10K. Okay. Sounds good. I can run 6.2 miles over 13.1 miles. This won't kill me.
In the process of training, I continued to get some long runs in, logging up to 8 miles on those long runs. Thinking that would be sufficient. I knew that I needed to do some hills, but was lacking in that department with my city being flat and the fact that my gym was closed due to the opening of a new one.
Today, I was mentally ready. I had filled my head with positive thoughts. We got out there, signed up and shortly after that headed to the starting line. It was there that I think I partially lost my mental-readiness. One of the other 10k'ers was telling me how one of the guys that was putting the race on said running this 10k will be like running a half marathon. Great. So, we got to the starting line, and I kid-you-not, the starting line was a cattle gate. yes, a cattle gate. Mind you, this area is full of cattle and horses. And, not too long after waiting at the starting line did 6 horses join us.
And we were off. It was the coolest(or should I say, the most unique) start of a race I have ever ran. We were off and running, and right beside us for the first quarter mile were those horses. From there, it was mostly downhill the first mile. Great! That only means that the last of 6 miles was going to be mostly uphill. I forgot to mention that we were told that if we felt we couldn't do the full 10k, to finish after the first loop, making it only 5k. And that is just what we did. I couldn't have imagined doing another 2 mile loop. I was dying out there. And we weren't the only ones.
So, we finished the race with 5k. Which we felt was atleast 4 miles for how long we were out there. I am pretty sure some of that was measured and marked wrong. Oh, well. It was a nice accomplishment and we do get a really nice shirt out of it. They will be mailing us a long-sleeved easy breath black shirt! I can't wait.
Now, I have a handful of short distance races coming up and would like to improve. So, this is where you elite runners come into the picture. Here is my issue: I want to be stronger. I want more endurance. I want to be faster. I want to be a better runner. I want any input into how I can train to become all of those. Or atleast work to become those. Keep in mind I am only able to run 3-4 times per week due to a crazy schedule already! Any input would be wonderful! I am hoping to run Mon-Wed-Fri-Sat, cutting out wednesday if things are two crazy!
I look forward to hearing some wonderful ideas! Plus, if anyone has any ideas to some healthy quick fix meals, I would love to hear them!
Happy runnings, y'all!


Unknown said...

Nice job on the race. It's good that you listened to your body.

Taunya said...

Nice race. Better, stronger, faster....I want that too. I've been reading a lot about working on core strength and flexibility. I'm doing some yoga now, but as soon as this damn marathon is over with I'm going to switch to some weight training, more yoga and maybe bring down my miles to 15 a week..oh yeah and speed work too. I wish someone had a secret formula for the willing!

Anne said...

I'm not an elite runner, but I do know the basic principles of improving, especially with low mileage. You need to incorporate one session that is focused on speed. Could be tempo runs, fartleks or intervals around a track or treadmill. But the only way to get faster is to run faster during practice. You also need to run long once a week, to train the body to handle the endurance. In in between, you need to keep the muscles at the ready through cross-training and stretching. The third and possibly fourth weekly runs can be for maintenance. This is the basic plan most competitive models follow when they aren't working off a specific training schedule.

Donald said...

Gaining speed is a very long-term process, but a simple one: you just practice runningfaster. Interval workouts of 100m, 200m, 400m, and up to 1600m are the best thing to build speed. But the injury potential is fairly high. Research some beginners workouts on line or from a coach, and tread carefully!

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