Training: WEEK 19

Monday: 7.38 miles rollerblade
Tuesday: 5.84 miles bike
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: OFF
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 3.1 mile Medora Badlands Trail Race
Sunday: OFF


  • __3.1__ miles run
  • __7.38__ miles rollerblade
  • __5.84__ miles bike


Taunya said...

Nice schedule. I so love to rollerblade!

Neese said...

you had quite a bit of activitiy this week! i wish i could give some good advice re: your previous blog entry ... the one thing that comes to mind is what i've heard before and that's you'll only run fast in a race if you train fast. i think that probably applies to 5k's.... as for longer races it's about putting in the long miles every week to build that endurance, then speed will come.

SRR said...

Rollarblading...God I miss that! Fun!