Frozen toes

Last night was our regular volleyball night. We were scheduled to play at 9, which I thought was perfect since I had class until 7 and then a meeting until 830. Well, our meeting ran a little late and I was late to get to volleyball. There's nothing like having to change from your "teacher" clothes to your sweaties in a bar bathroom!

Well, I made it, just in time to play a little in the end of the 1st game. (We play best of three.)

And.. Oh... My.... God..... The sand (dirt..with gravel...and maybe some sand) was wet and soooo cold! It was a whopping 42 degrees outside....dark (obviously)... and moisture was falling from the sky!!! One of those types of mists that when you look in the light you could have sworn it was snow falling from the sky. And I am positive it would have been snow if it were 10 degrees cooler!

As far as the games went??!

We won 1...and lost 2. 6 players.... lost.... to a team of 4... 4 INTOXICATED LOUD MOUTHS!!! Pathetic! I know I wasn't playing my best becuase I didn't have complete feeling in my toes... and all I could think about was my frozen toes!

I think we only have 1 or 2 weeks left ... and then were done! That's okay I guess. With this weather, I am losing interest in playing out there! Plus, I can stay home in my sweaties and watch Greys Anatomy!

Tomorrow??? I am shooting for a 5 mile run!

Happy runnings, y'all!


Unknown said...

OMG! You are SO brave! I would rather sit home and watch TV as well.

Good luck at tommorow's run.

Anonymous said...

Volleyball's fun, used to play indoor till midnight! Greys Anatomys one of my favourite TV show.

Run Teacher run :)

Taunya said...

You should think about buying "sandsocks". We use them here in the summer when the sand is too hot to stand on. I bet they would keep your feet warm.

I hate losing to load mouths (intoxicated ones to boot).

I love Grey's---it's like crack (sort of speak of course).

Jess said...

42 degrees? My God! Hey, are you at UND in Grand Forks? I so know that campus! My youngest brother goes to U of M at Crookston, and he's thinking of going to grad school at UND. That's a good school.