Sunday...a day of rest....

....or not so much. Today I was able to sneak in TWO workouts, not just one! Go me! I ran and then following my run I did my Turbo Sculpt video. With the knowledge of how it left me feeling when I did it monday night, I figured I would do it today after my run .... already planning on using tomorrow as a REST/STRETCH day. I have parent teacher conferences that go until 730 tomorrow night, making it quite a long day. So, I will do nothing .... tomorrow... but recover from the sculpting!

Last night I did some babysitting. Yeah, I told my sister I was too old to babysit, mainly becuase I didn't want to watch the 4 kids I was going to be watching....and the fact that I didn't want to babysit on a saturday night. Babysitting these kids is like throwing me to a pack of wolves. But, I regret what I said, becuase they spent most the time reading and one of them was "writing" her own book. A teacher's dream. It was so great to see kids so enthusiastic about reading! I loved it! Then, once they went to bed, I did a little reading of my own...except it wasn't pleasure reading...it was class related. But, I got some homework done.

The rest of today...I will watch a little Vikings while I do some homework .... and .... do some relaxing...since it is a day of rest...right?

Week in Review Workouts:

Monday - Turbo Sculpt 40 min.
Tuesday - REST (sore)
Wednesday - Run 3
Thursday - Run 2.63
Friday - REST (feeling like crap)
Saturday - Run 2.27 (still feeling like crap)
Sunday - Run 2.5 & Turbo Sculpt 40 min.

Happy runnings, y'all!


Jess said...

I haven't babysat since I was about 14; I think it might make me nervous.

Good job on the 2 workouts in one day! You're pretty frickin' fit.

Anonymous said...
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