The gentlemen...dressed in blue..

As my eyes graze across the gym floor, trying to hold back tears, I find that I am not the only one. My eyes become fixed on that first row of gentlemen...dressed in blue. I hear the words of the first graders reciting a poem in which each of them had their own line to memorize. Some hard to hear. Some loud, but full of life.

My eyes keep wondering. Trying not to really think about what this presentation is about; knowing if I do, I am might just shed a tear.

The second graders presented next... each of them had to read a portion of a story. A story of a little girl asking her grandfather questions. Questions about America. Questions about war and what it is. My eyes are drawn back to the row of gentlemen in the front. My eyes are caught by one pulling his glasses away from his face and wiping tears... from both eyes.

The music.

The words from the music. The words from the mouths of the young children.

The meaning behind it all.

The gentlemen....dressed in blue...

And then there were the sixth graders... they recited an ever-so-powerful poem. A poem about making choices...choices that would lead to sacrifices. The tears were there. I just didn't let them go.

The music.

The words..

The gentlemen....dressed in blue...

Then there was the raising of the flag on the grounds of our school. The wind blowing it hard against the post. The kids shivering, standing close to their classmates. The high school girls chior singing the national anthem....and the group of gentlemen standing in front.... at attention.

It was our Veteran's Day program...put on for the community. The program to honor all those who have served and are serving for our country.

It was an emotional program.

It's so amazing to see it through the eyes of children. Most of them are too young to truely know the effect they had on most of those seated in that gymnasium. But they did.

There were tears shed.

Memories brought about.

And many many words of thanks.

Thanks to all of those who
have served
or are serving
this country of ours...

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Unknown said...

Sounds like a wonderful program. The 2nd and 3rd graders put on the veterans day program at the school I am currently at. It was wonderful to watch and know that I will soon be a part of all that.