Monday Madness

I just got home not too long ago...8:30ish. I hadn't been home since 7 this morning. We had parent-teacher conferences tonight and it went pretty well. I only met with a few teachers and spent the rest of the time working on progress reports. Ohhh...the lovely paperwork!

But..... to make a long day better.....

<-------I came home to this!!!

It finally arrived! My shirt! Remember the race I did almost 2 months ago? Well, this is the shirt from it and it finally arrived.... only a short time after the expected two week wait! But, it's wonderful. A little big. But wonderful. I am hoping our nice weather holds out through friday so I can wear it out running friday morning! I don't see much daylight anymore to run outside!

Now, I plan to get things ready for the morning and plan to do a few miles in the AM! We'll see how I feel when the alarm goes off at 5am...but I am going to try.... again.

Happy running, y'all!


Anonymous said...

nice shirt!!
good luck with the morning run this may be the one!

Wes said...

I almost NEVER see daylight when I run. I'm hoping with soccer season over soon, I'll be running my long runs during the day. yea! Please do send me your email address again. I cleaned out my inbox, and evidently the trash box is swept daily. Nice shirt!