Feelin' Good!!

RN (running notes): I got up and went for a run this morning....before heading to school! It was wonderful! Well, the run wasn't wonderful but being able to get up before school to run was great! I forgot my waterbottle, which wasn't a really big deal, but just the having that thought of "wanting" it near me probably set off my run a little bit. Since this is the first time I have ran before heading to school I didn't know how to manage my time. I could have gone another 15 minutes, but I know that now...for next time. (3 miles...351 calories)

It's a new week, and this girl is feelin' good! I am kickin' this cold outta here!

Sunday night, I hit the sack at 9pm. Monday morning, I woke up at and felt soooo rested!!

I spent the hours after school working on an assessment report. 5 hours to be exact. I wouldn't have left it for the night before it was due, but I was to use the computer lab in the Education Building and it was not open thursday night when I went (even though it was supposed to be) and it wasn't open on friday due to holiday. It's never open on the weekends. Let's just say I was a little miffed.

I will admit, I am really struggling with keeping motivated...not with running..but with classwork. It's REDICULOUS! I have NO motivation WHAT-SO-EVER to do ANYTHING related to school! I have only 4 weeks of class left and you have NO IDEA how thrilled I am. I only have a few projects left for the semester but still have a hard time doing ANYTHING. I JUST WANNA BE DONE WITH THIS SEMESTER! I have to finish my Assessment project. I have to finish reading Beautiful Child and looking for cognitive, behavioral, social, and ecological interventions. And...I have to finish my research project. THAT ... research project... is a BIG one. Not only because it is a research project, but becuase it WILL be my final project to present as my Independent Project for Graduation in May. So, I really need to do my BEST with it!

Ahh...I WANNA be done! All I want to do is run! 179 days people....179 days and I am DONE!

Keep on Keeping on!


Anonymous said...

Quit blogging and get back to doing your homework! :-)

Anonymous said...

As an instructor, I can't wait to be done with this semster too.

Tara said...

I remember the feeling well...I couldn't wait to be done with law school and my last semester was filled with non-stop procrastinating and slacking! But I admit...I do miss school and sometimes wish I was back in class instead of at work!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. Keep up with the running and release the frustrations as you finish the semester.

Wes said...

Keep working it! It will all pay off. When you get done, the first couple of years will seem like vacation. Then you can fill all that time with running! Nice job, by the way!