Finally Friday

RR: No running today. REST DAY! Ahhh...it feels good!


Oh how I am so thankful that it is finally friday. Today just flew by at school. We had a very long meeting this morning and I spent a lot of the rest of day doing paperwork. But, I am not complaining becuase I started my day off with a Medium Mocha from Caribou Coffee...mmmm. That is my friday treat to myself and since we haven't had school on a friday for a few weeks, it was extra special today!

Tonight I will be doing some homework and paperwork for school. This weekend is one of the few of my last weekends to get homework done. As much as I am sooo excited for this semester to be over, I am sooo not ready for it to be over. I have a few projects left to do and don't know how long it will take me. So I hope to get AS MUCH done AS I can this weekend!

Soon it will be TURKEY DAY! Next weekend I will be back at home in the big Bis with a bunch of family, participating in the 17th Annual Cystic Fybrosis 5K Turkey Trot! My parents, one of my sisters and I will be running while my other sister will be walking with some other family, including Grandma. I am sooo pumped. I participated last year and it was my first race EVER so I hope to do better this time around!

After the race we will be heading to my parents house for a good homecooked Turkey dinner; turkey mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, dressing, cranberry sauce, grandma's homemade buns (my favorite), rice(my favorite #2), asparagus, cold veggies, and the desserts.... mmm...pie...cookies..chocolate covered pretzels..buffalo chips ... .. no wonder why it is so hard to NOT gain wait between October and January. Maybe I should be doing the 10K instead of the 5K Turkey Trot!

To follow dinner will be football watching for most the boys and gossiping for the women. The kids will hopefully be doing some crafty projects. Mom usually spends the couple days before baking the pieces to 5-7 homemade gingerbread houses which I usually assemble the night before and we let the kids decorate after dinner. We don't know what we are doing this year since the gingerbread houses are SOOO much work. So I need to come up with another crafty project to possibly take the place of the houses that they will enjoy. We usually spend the evening doing some decorating, including putting up the Christmas tree and if we aren't too tired the five of us head out to check out the Christmas lights around town for a couple hours.... Family traditions are so fun. I can't wait for next weekend!

Keep on keeping on....


Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving...yummm! One more week. :)

Anonymous said...

Fun-Day-Friday! Woohoo!

SRR said...

Gotta love Fridays and the HOLIDAYS with breaks and days off from school!!

Anonymous said...

your thanksgiving plans sound absolutely wonderful, and a 5k included.. awesome!

Deb said...

Fun for you! Some fun time off with family coming up. Have a great time and enjoy.
P.S. Thanks for all you do as a teacher. I believe you are all truly called to what you do and what you contribute is beyond words!