...running on empty...

I am attempting to follow in a.maria's footsteps (and many other bloggers) and post everyday during the month of November. We'll see how that goes...I might miss a few days! So, don't hold it against me!

Today we didn't have school. It was a comp day for Parent/Teacher Conferences. Wonderful! So, I woke up this morning, with the intentions of getting up at a decent time, doing some paperwork, running some errands, and then working out in the afternoon. Let's just say that didn't happen.

I got up around 8ish, and felt sick. I woke myself before my alarm due to a nasty tickle, and realized that my nose was stuffy. GREAT. Just what I needed. I was partially thankful that it started over a long weekend, hoping to get most of it out of my system before monday comes. But, it has not helped me in accomplishing much today.

I spent most of my morning checking up on emails and doing a little bit of organizing my paperwork. Then I ran a couple errands and took a nice drive to the school I worked at last year. I promised them that when I had a day off, I would come and visit. I really enjoyed it. I miss them all SOOOO much! A couple of my former students almost crapped their pants when they saw me...giving me the biggest hug ever. Boy, do I miss it there. After that I went home, took a short nap and then went out to eat with sis, her fiance and a few friends. That was nice. Except for my long-island tea didn't have much flavor...must have been the cold.

I came home hoping to get some homework done, but got in the cleaning mood. I cleaned out our entryway closet...finding atleast 20 pairs of shoes. Vaccuumed that out....there were so many dust bunnies and dirt and gravel. Gross. Then I just organized stuff around the apartment including my pile of papers that needed to be filed...papers/bills dating back to august...oops. Talk about procrastination!

Now after all that little cleaning, I feel worse. I feel tight in the chest and can't breath through my nose. The air just feels very dry and coarse on my through and nasal passage... I am running on empty...So, now...I think I am going to crawl up on the couch and just watch some basketball... Tomorrow, I hope to get up and workout and do something a little more productive.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like pretty eventful day! Myself down with cold lastweek and it really sucks, good thing I watched WILDS game and it went away:)
Go WILD ! Wohoooooooooooooooo!