Looking ahead at 2007

RN (running notes):

Today, still feeling a little bit under the weather with some congestion...I chose to hit up the gym anyway. I was shooting for 2 miles, just to get my heart pumping and do a little sweating. Well, I reached 3 miles and called it quits. I didn't over exert myself....letting my heart rate only max at 170, which is lower than it's usual max of 186. I just took it slow and steady. (3.03 miles....386 calories.)

2007 Running and Other Stuff:

It won't be long before 2007 approaches us and I am looking forward to all it will bring. It will be a busy one with job hunting in the spring, my graduation in May, Sis' wedding in June, hopeful travel to England/Europe in July/August, and a half marathon & full marathon somewhere in there.

I would really like to do the Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville this spring, but don't think it will happen with school and all. It's just hard for me to imagine flying across the country in the middle of the semester and possible missing a day of school. So I am looking for races in the summer/fall. Here's where all you other bloggers out there come into play! If any of you know of any good ones, please let me know! I would like to know what all of you might be training for in 2007! I was thinking of doing the Nike Women's Marathon in Cali next fall, but don't know if that is a do-able just yet....with things being so crazy busy. Maybe.

Happy runnings, y'all!


christine said...

I'm getting ready for my first official half in 2007 as well...the Kaiser Permanente 1/2 marathon in San Francisco in February. I hear it's quite scenic and luckily for me it's just across the bay!

Brooke said...

When does school get out for you?? The Country Music Marathon didn't work out for me, so I'm looking into the Flying Pig on May 19th.

Deb said...

I'm always in a training mode and find it hard to committ to a specific race....bad I know and in 2007 that will change! Come to Ca and do the Nike Race!!

Anne said...

It's good that you're thinking ahead to not only race goals but possible life intrusions. It sounds like you have a very hectic year. I'd suggest picking a marathon like Nike that has a half as well, just in case you can't squeeze in the time needed for the full.

Taunya said...

Sounds like an exciting 2007 for you.

I hope you continue to feel better.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving some extra motivation for me. :) I really appreciate it.

So, you're teaching, going to school, and getting ready to look for a new job? Wow - you've got a lot on your plate. Good for you for keeping your running going.

Good luck with your training and finding the perfect 1/2 and full to do. I'm looking at a half in Portland in April and my sis just told me about one in Boise, ID in May. I'm not committed to anything yet, but there's a couple of ideas for you. Happy training!

Anonymous said...

It is okay to plan ahead with your races. Take it one day a time right now until you finish school. Goals are always good.

Anonymous said...

Shoot for something close to home in the summer/fall. Maybe Grandma's in Duluth? I'm thinking of doing that. It's in June, so classes will be dismissed and it should be fun, requires little travel, and is plenty of time away.