Happy New Year!

Hello 2007!

Looking back on 2006, I have noticed how much I have improved, and how much room there is for further improvement in my world of running! I have been looking at my goals I made for 2007 a couple weeks ago and wondering how I am going to do it all. I have been dreading the thought of going back to reality tomorrow with school starting up on wednesday and classes starting once again next monday night.

What is it that I really want to accomplish in 2007? I want to improve my 5K time, immensely. I want to up my mileage to work on my endurance. I want to add in weight training and more cross training. How does one do it all?? You MAKE time. So with that in mind I have created a schedule by editing Hal Hidgon's 10K Training: Novice. And this is what my next 8 weeks will look like:

  • Monday: Stretch and Strengthen
  • Tuesday: Intervals (5x400 the first 4 weeks and 6x400 the second 4 weeks)
  • Wednesday: SPIN 45 minutes and some light pilates to follow
  • Thursday: 3.1 miles
  • Friday: REST
  • Saturday: Cross train 40-60 minutes or run 3-4 miles
  • Sunday: Long run (working up to 10 miles, hopefully)

This 8-week schedule will get me into late February. Then, I will look for another schedule to follow to suit my needs. Maybe a Novice Half Marathon Schedule. By late March and into April when the days get longer and the weather gets a little nicer, I hope to do some more running outdoors. One can only handle the thrillmill for so long.

Happy New Year, runners!


Wes said...

Goals and objectives are just that. They don't define us. Keep it flexible and keep it real and you will accomplish much, maybe more than you thought. And I feel your time pain. Carve out your time and guard it jealously. Happy New Year!

Anne said...

Yes, I think I hear a collective sigh 'round the world from everyone facing the return to 'normal' tomorrow. Happy New Year to You Too!!

Jodi said...

Looks like a great plan. Good luck in the New Year!!!


Firefly's Running said...

Awesome goals! Happy New Year!

Running Rabbit said...

I'm reading everyone else's blogs and I feel so dumb. I have no goals for the year...I feel as though I always let myself down when I DON'T attain them! Well maybe I do...Hell I don't know!

But kudos to you my friend!!

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

Looks good, here's to 07!

Susan said...

Great goals teacher! I need to set some for myself.

J~Mom said...

Looks like a great plan! Happy New Year!!

Jess said...

Good luck with your schedule!

miss petite america said...

great goals and great plan. writing them down is a great way to make sure you stay on track!