Conquering Fears

*****UPDATE: Pictures added****
Yesterday we spent Independence Day at my sister's-husband's-mom's house. Did you catch all that? We spent most of the afternoon and evening along the river. Blaine put the jet ski in the river and after giving all the little ones rides, my sister took me for a ride.

I love water. Don't get me wrong. I could live in the water. But, there is just something about being on the back of a jet ski ... not in control of the speed...... practically flying across the water! I was scared livid. But, after hitting a wave so hard that we were both drenched, we went back to the sandbar and she had me drive. Now that was much better! Until she wrapped her hand around mine, holding the gas down completely.... going faster and faster. Talk about conquering a fear I didn't know I had. (The picture on the left was the third time I went... my mom's first)

me & my baby sis

.... the 'rents... chill-axin.

This morning, feeling a little wiped from too much sun yesterday, I crawled out of bed around 8am for my longer run. Since it wasn't so successful saturday, I had to try today. It was very nice out and the only problem I faced was a need for water halfway through. I was sooo dang thirsty! All and all... it went.

Time: 8:30am
Temp: 74 degrees
Humidity: 55%
Distance: 5.13 miles
Duration: 1:02:23
Avg Pace: 12:09
Avg HR: 172
Max HR: 183

Tomorrow will be a rest day. My Dad and I are getting up early to go look for a place for me to live! Fun times!

Happy running, y'all!

...Picture of the State Capitol


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun 4th! (Maybe a little scary, too!) Good luck finding a place to live!

psbowe said...

Hey, your 4th almost sounds like ours, we played in the river too for a good part of the day after a HOT 10K run in the sun earlier in the day.

Wes said...

So you don't have a need for speed where jet skis are concerned? eh? LOL. Have fun home hunting!!! I love your temps too!

Neese said...

you are brave!! :) sounds like a splendid 5 miler too! happy house hunting!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

sounds like an exciting day.

hope the house hunting trip is successful!!

scott keeps running said...

good luck house finding. i know what you mean about being on the back end of one of those jet skis. not as much fun.

did you take the photo of the fireworks?? it's great.

Randy said...

Great 5 miles, faster pace than mine here in the humidity arm pit of the earth.

The jet ski sounded like fun, believe it or not I've never been on one of those speed demons....will have to give it a try someday.

J~Mom said...

That sounds like fun!! Good luck house hunting!

Marcy said...

Anytime my sister drives it's deathly frightening LOL. I don't blame you for being scared!

Jess said...

Looks like it was a fun holiday!

Firefly's Running said...

I have the same fear myself so I know what you mean. It sucks! But it sounds like a fun time!

Deb said...

What fun to be home with family...good times. Good luck on the house hunting!

miss petite america said...

rivers skeeve me out. my brother and i went down to the sac river a couple weeks ago and i just couldn't feel the love.

on vacation in hawaii a few years ago, when we rented jet skis i rode on the back of one backwards for some stupid reason. i fell in pretty quickly. thank god for life jackets!

sounds like you had a fab fourth!