Perfect Winter Weather

RR: 3.1 miles, 35:12 minutes, 350 calories

We couldn't have asked for better weather today. Perfect weather for outdoor running. How do I know? Well, when you can walk from your car to the gym with nothing but a sweatshirt and sweatpants on, no gloves and the tips of my fingers didn't freeze.. .. ...that is how I knew it was perfect winter weather for outdoor running. I believe that the temperature got all the way up to 37 degrees today. But, when you factor in that there was NO wind or breeze, that is pretty good for around her in December. I wanted to run outdoors so bad, but knew I would have only gotten 1 mile in before the sun had set at 4:30-something. Crazy.

Tomorrow... rest day. My right calf is a little stiff today.


Wes said...

That's very cool. Savor the moments!!

robtherunner said...

I cannot see your blog when I click on your heading in bloglines, but I clicked on this post and it worked. Hopefully you get it all figured out.

teacherwoman said...

somebody help me! I feel like I am lost in cyberworld! Arrghhh!