Training: WEEK 19

Monday: 7.38 miles rollerblade
Tuesday: 5.84 miles bike
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: OFF
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 3.1 mile Medora Badlands Trail Race
Sunday: OFF


  • __3.1__ miles run
  • __7.38__ miles rollerblade
  • __5.84__ miles bike


Running by.... said...

Nice schedule. I so love to rollerblade!

neese said...

you had quite a bit of activitiy this week! i wish i could give some good advice re: your previous blog entry ... the one thing that comes to mind is what i've heard before and that's you'll only run fast in a race if you train fast. i think that probably applies to 5k's.... as for longer races it's about putting in the long miles every week to build that endurance, then speed will come.

Running Rabbit said...

Rollarblading...God I miss that! Fun!